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We are excited to introduce a new activity at this year’s festival: workshops! Just like the millworkers of 1912, we have to know our rights in order to stand up for them and protect them.


Join us at the workshop space at Lawrence Heritage State Park for these free workshops. Note that the language listed is the language each workshop will be presented in.

12:00-12:45: Know your rights as a parent

Facilitators: Members of Greater Lawrence Education Justice Alliance and Lowell Education Justice Alliance

Every parent wants their kids to succeed. This workshop will review what you need to know about the education system and how you can best help advocate for your kids.


1:00-1:45: Know your rights as a patient


Facilitator: Lucy Thanos, BSN, RN, Site Nurse Manager at Greater Lawrence Family Health Center

It can be intimidating going to the doctor’s office. But you have rights as a patient, and you need to know them! Our country has a long and shameful history of experimenting on Black and Brown women and men, disabled people, and the poor. Join an advocate from GLFHC to learn more about how you can protect yourself and your loved ones.


2:00-2:45: Know your rights for youth

Facilitators: Local Activists

Young folks today are facing a LOT of challenges. But we still have rights! Join two great facilitators from Elevated Thought to learn about how to protect your rights at school and in the community.


3:00-3:45: Know your rights at work

Facilitators: Joshua Alba, community activist and School
Committee member & Yessenia Prodero,
Immigrants Rights Organizer

Can the boss do that? Whether you are in a union or not, whether you work in retail, manufacturing, health services, the building trades, or any other job - your rights at work are guaranteed by the law! Find out about some of these rights and what you can do if your boss doesn’t respect them.

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