The Festival features, as part of its historical and labor exhibits, Lawrence History Live! and the Community Forum, a place for discussion of labor, industrial heritage, education, and other community  issues. Lawrence History Live! presents its 10th edition after having been created by Linda and Jurg Siegenthaler in 2008.
Within the Lawrence History Live! tent, we'll have seating and a platform where historians, writers, union representatives, and community activists will present their insights on Lawrence's history and present. In a question-and-answer format, festival visitors will be able to participate in what will be an exciting encounter with the past and with society today.
Again this year, there will be a second speaker's venue at the Community Corner, adjacent to our history and labor section.  A soap box is also provided.
So, there is plenty to take in!  Get involved, learn, and enjoy! 



Researching Lawrence: In Person and Online

Amita Kiley, Collections Manager and Research Coordinator, Lawrence History Center


Saving UMass Boston: Students, Labor and the Fight to Education


When We Fight, We Win: Triangle Workers Win Their Union

Amy Banelis, Member, SEIU 509


CLASS on Strike: The Story of Our Fight for Fair Wages

Thom Baca, Member, SEIU 509


The 1919 Lawrence Strike for '48-54': Building on the 1912 Struggle

Dexter Arnold, Labor Historian, 2016 Bread & Roses Hall of Fame Recipient


​Community Forum: "Let's talk housing! Young people, housing, and the future of Lawrence"

Featuring Beyazmin Jimenez (Citizens' Housing and Planning Association) and Vladimir Saldana (Lawrence CommunityWorks). Facilitator Glennys Sanchez, President BRHC.


Mass. Jobs with Justice: Building Working Class Power & Coalition and Campaigns that Win

Gillian Mason, Co-Director, Massachusetts Jobs with Justice


Fighting for Respect at Logan Airport

Manuel Pena, Member, SEIU 32BJ


Lawrence Public Schools: Receivorship Update

Frank McLaughlin, President, Lawrence Teachers Union


Fighting for Transgender Rights: Setting the Stage for National Values

Kelsey Barowich, Coalition Organizer, Freedom for All Massachusetts

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The Community Corner has scheduled additional speakers on labor and social issues, as well as poetry readings, labor songs, and more.

Coordinators: Linda Siegenthaler, Jurg Siegenthaler, Elizabeth Pellerito, Bernard Trubowitz, Christina Villafranca