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Vendors for the Festival, whose goods/services align with the spirit of the festival as determined by the Festival Committee, are welcome to participate. 


Non-Food Vendors include:

  • Artists & Crafts

  • Non-Profits

  • Small Businesses

  • Political

  • Commercial Vendors

  • History & Labor Exhibitors

  • Free 

  • space is 10X10 and if they need more than 1 space to let us know


Food Vendor application packet includes/requires:

  • Festival Agreement & Application

  • Need to get a  license from the City of Lawrence

  • Refundable clean site fee

  • Temporary Food Permit

  • You must provide a copy of ServeSafe

  • You must provide a copy of Allergen Awareness


  • Payments: Do include separate checks for the payments that relate to your vendor type. (ex: Food - Space, Clean Site Fee, and Temp. Food Permit if you are applying with us, must be 3 separate checks)

  • Space: When you register and pay for the size space that you would like, you may arrange the space as you'd like from having a table/tent/chairs to an interactive display etc. So, please keep in mind that YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN TABLE/TENT/CHAIRS and have fun decorating your space!

  • Layout: Vendors will be assigned a space and must set up early in their designated location.

  • Tents: Labor Day can bring some pretty hot weather, so it's good to be prepared, but note that TENTS MAY NOT EXCEED THE SIZE SPACE THAT YOU APPLIED FOR. Failure to do this will result in you being asked to take down your tent or similar items exceeding your space limits.


  • Electricity (NON-FOOD VENDORS): NOT PROVIDED. Please plan accordingly as you will not be supplied with electricity. No generators allowed for non-food vendors also.

If you wish to participate as a vendor, please return the application packet on or before July 29, 2019. Space is limited so please get your applications in as soon as possible. A confirmation letter with additional information will be sent once we accept your application.