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The State of Labor in Massachusetts, Steve Tolman, President of Massachusetts AFL-CIO (12:15PM)

A wave of organizing has been sweeping across our state, from baristas to retail workers to nonprofits and tech workers. At the same time, big tech companies like Uber and Lyft continue to threaten the status quo for gig workers here and nationwide. We are excited to host Massachusetts AFL-CIO President Steve Tolman for a reflection on the state of labor in Massachusetts - where we are, where we are going, and how we can all support workers’ rights.


Somos Latinos (1:00PM)

Sara Morin Barth, Lawrence History Center


Post World War II, the city of Lawrence was confronted with the impact of deindustrialization and suburbanization as its economic staple, the textile industry, left the city. After several decades of slower immigration, in the 1950s
Latinos began to arrive and the economic and cultural reinvigoration in Lawrence began. This is our story.


Después del Segundo Guerra Mundial, la ciudad de Lawrence estaba confrontado los impactos de la desindustrialización y suburbanización por que su básico económico, la industria textil, dejo la ciudad. Despues de unosdecadas de immigración mas lento, Latinos comensaron a venir en los 1950s y comenzó la
revitalización cultural y económica de Lawrence. Esta es nuestra historia.


Community Share Back –

Lawrence Parks and Play Project (1:45PM)
Speakers: Ireri Bernal and Dr. Teresa Gonzales


Join us for a discussion on the importance of Public Parks in Lawrence!!We have been talking to community members about their experiences in the public parks, what they do in their free time, and the value of doing fun, enjoyable things with others. Our team includes Teresa Irene Gonzales an Assistant Professor of Sociology who was formerly at UMass Lowell and is now at Loyola University Chicago, and two graduate students Lillian Platten (Loyola University, Sociology) and Ireri Bernal (UMass Lowell, Community Psychology). As part of our work, we have connected with and learned from members of the Lawrence Mayor’s Health Task Force, the Healthy Living Working Group, and several local nonprofits. At this point we are ready to share some of our initial findings from interviews with residents and a survey we have been conducting with folks in the community. Come to our session to learn more about our project, who we are, what we found, and contribute to this ongoing conversation. Your feedback as a member of this community is important!

Compartimiento Comunitario – Proyecto de Parques y Juego en Lawrence 

¡Los invitamos a una discusión sobre la importancia de los parques públicos en Lawrence! Nuestro equipo ha estado hablando con miembros de la comunidad sobre sus experiencias en los parques públicos, lo que hacen en su tiempo libre y la importancia de hacer cosas divertidas y placenteras con los demás. Nuestro equipo incluye Teresa Irene Gonzales, una profesora de sociología que anteriormente estuvo en UMass Lowell y ahora está en la Universidad de Loyola en Chicago, y dos estudiantes universitarias de posgrado, Lillian Platten (Universidad de Loyola, Sociología) y Ireri Bernal (UMass Lowell, Psicología Comunitaria). Como parte de nuestro trabajo, nos hemos conectado y aprendido de los miembros del grupo de trabajo de salud del alcalde de Lawrence, el grupo de trabajo de vida saludable y varias organizaciones locales sin fines de lucro. Queremos compartir algunos de nuestros resultados iniciales basados en entrevistas con residentes y una encuesta que hemos estado realizando con personas de la comunidad. Venga a nuestra sesión para obtener más información sobre nuestro proyecto, quiénes somos, qué hemos encontrado, y contribuyan a esta conversación. ¡Tus comentarios como miembro de esta comunidad son importantes!


Drivers Licenses for All (2:30PM)


As of July 1, 2023, Massachusetts residents can qualify for a drivers license, regardless of immigration status. This law was passed in 2022, and won a victory on the ballot last November. In this session, you can learn more from advocates about how this hard-fought victory was won - and you can find out what your rights are!

Lawrence History Live! is a special place at the festival where you can learn about the history of the strike and the ways it connects to the lives of Lawrencians and workers today. We feature history told “from below” - from the millworker’s perspective and not the mill owner’s; from the renter’s and not the real estate mogul’s; from everyday folks and not the wealthy or the politically connected.

This year we will have simultaneous interpretation available for those who are bilingual in English or Spanish! If you need interpretation, plan to get to the tent a few minutes before the talk is scheduled to begin to grab your headset.

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