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Lawrence History Live!


12:00-1:00: Community Forum: Juntos Nos Levantamos: Conversaciones en Comunidad / Together We Rise: Community Conversations


1:15-1:45: Joshua Alba & Yessenia Prodero, BIPOC Organizer for the Fair Share Amendment Campaign:
Taxing Millionaires and the Fight for Fair Share.

1:45-2:15: Walter Mena, Lead Organizer, Merrimack Valley Project: Integrando la Comunidad: Centroamericanos en Lawrence


2:15-2:45: Jayme Timpson Winell, Anne Burlak Timpson: The Red Flame and the 1931-2 Strike


2:45-3:15: Heather Levine, Educator and GLEJA SteeringCommittee member and Jonathan Guzman, School Committee member District F, Democracy in our Public Schools.


3:15-3:45: Hall of Fame Award Presentation: Isabel Melendez, with Marisa Melendez and Jaime Melendez Jr.

Lawrence History Live! is a special place at the festival where you can learn about the history of the strike and the ways it connects to the lives of Lawrencians and workers today. We feature history told “from below” - from the millworker’s perspective and not the mill owner’s; from the renter’s and not the real estate mogul’s; from everyday folks and not the wealthy or the politically connected.

This year we will have simultaneous interpretation available for those who are bilingual in English or Spanish! If you need interpretation, plan to get to the tent a few minutes before the talk is scheduled to begin to grab your headset.

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