The Bread & Roses Heritage Committee has successfully selected a winning logo design for the 2016 festival after opening a contest for submissions. This year’s logo has been designed by Ms. Allison Sharpe, a graphic designer originally from the Lawrence, MA area that now resides just a short drive away in New Hampshire.

As a new logo is presented each year, t-shirts and other merchandise bearing the Bread & Roses Heritage Festival logo have become collectors’ items.

“The reason that I have interest in this logo is because it hits home for me,” Allison said as she told us that her grandmother had worked in the mills from age 15. “Although she began working many years after the Great Strike, I feel that the mills workers helped to make it a better place for her,” Allison continued.

Allison’s logo design is centered around a female figure wearing a hat that just covers her eyes. “When I decided that I wanted to enter a logo design into the contest, I knew right off the bat that I wanted a woman to be the main focus of the design. I want her to represent ALL women involved, not just one. This is the reason for the hat covering the woman’s eyes,” explained Allison.

Other elements of the design include wheat spikes and roses, of course to represent the bread and roses that the 1912 strikers cried for as a metaphor for the fair wages and dignity that they demanded of the mill owners. “On the heels of a labor victory in legislation, reducing the work week from fifty-six to fifty-four hours, employers in Lawrence’s mills reacted by slashing wages to compensate for lost work. The mill owners expected their workers to be unhappy about the slash in pay, but did not expect the full scale retaliation that followed,” (Massachusetts AFL-CIO).